Renewals - 20/07/2020

To all members, annual renewals have been sent out. Please make sure to get this paid as soon as possible. We are looking to figure out a way to do an AGM considering the current pandemic. If you have suggestions please use the contact form or email us at adta_act@hotmail.com . At this stage we may have to look into some kind of virtual AGM. 

Renewals are still at $10.


Purple Logbook, 3 for 1 lessons logging - 03/03/2020

When an ADI logs the 3 for 1 hours in the new purple logbook the instructor must only write the 10 specified lesson in the ADI section. There is currently no way to show that the 3 for 1 was day or night. Please make sure to record the lesson start and finish time in the duration box in the instructor section. 

Once the 3 for 1 lessons have all been completed (up to 10 1hr lessons) then you may continue writing the extra lessons in the normal logging pages for the corresponding time of day. 

Newsletter Sent Out - 07/ 07/ 2019

Meeting minutes/ newsletter has been sent to all active members. If you have not received this email please email us at adta_act@hotmail.com so we fix that!

Memberships were due 1st of July 2019, those who have not paid will be marked as INACTIVE in our system. If you wish to sign up as a member you can email as at the above email address or follow the link on the home page of the website and email us the completed membership form.